Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Litspiration Challenge #3 - Theme !!!!!

This here, ladies and gentlemen, is our very last litspiration challenge (and probably our best) !

This is our round table, where we discussed what we thought the theme of the book was...

...and *drumroll* here is our theme statement!

Breaking free of the things that hold you back!!

So here is our challenge!

The theme of the book to us was breaking free of the things that hold you back. This statement not only applies to the book, but also to the world around us. In the book, the biggest thing that was “holding” everyone back was El Patron. El Patron refused to let go of anything that was his... ever. As a result, many characters like Felicia and Tam Lin never really escaped from El Patron’s grasp.

Our visual of the dove and the hand represents breaking free. Of course, El Patron wasn’t the only thing holding Matt back. Society, judgement, discrimination...these were all things that held Matt back from being a normal, accepted, and a happy person. Infact, these are all things that hold us back in the real world.

We used a dove to represent Matt breaking free of El Patron’s grasp, because it was actually a recurring thing that came in the book. The first time the dove appeared was in the chapter, “A Cat With Nine Lives,” on page 101. The second time the dove appeared was in the chapter, “Death” on page 233. The doves were there every time it felt like something really bad was going to happen, and Matt could always hear them saying “no hope, no hope.” Doves really do mean hope though. We thought that it meant that as long as Matt was in El Patron’s grasp, there would never be any hope! That is why we chose to show a dove filled with the words “break free” flying out of the hand filled with words that were the things that held Matt back.

We also wanted to pass on the message that Nancy Farmer gave to us to you!
Break free of the things that hold you back. Don’t just sulk and accept your fate...change it!


That is actually all for the group portion of this novel study! For more, check out our individual blogs!

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